Terms and Conditions

Selling Agreement Type S1: Selling a System through Used Systems Exchange

You advertise your system Free of Charge
You advertise your system free of charge on our used systems exchange whilst keeping the equipment at your premises.

We sell your system and collect payment
We relay to you by telephone any offers for your system. Once you have accepted an offer you must hold the equipment pending our advice that the purchaser has sent us payment for the system and that their cheque or credit card has been cleared. This money will be held by us in a special client holding account.

You send off the goods
After their cheque or payment has cleared we will advise you to dispatch the system by carrier next-day delivery service and to fax us your carrier document number.

The purchaser accepts or returns the goods
The purchaser may, within 24 hours of receiving the goods, reject them and send them back to you providing that he informs us by faxing within that 24 hours a copy of his carrier document as evidence that he has returned the goods. In which case, once we have established from you that you have received back the goods, we shall return his money. You shall owe us nothing.

The deal is completed, You get paid
If the purchaser does not notify us of any rejection within 24 hours of receiving the goods then he shall be deemed to have accepted them in which case we shall ask you to send us your invoice for the agreed price less our commission.On receipt of your invoice, we shall immediately send you the payment. If we manage to obtain payment by credit card (thus speeding the transaction by about 1 weeks) our commission shall be an extra 2%

The purchaser will purchase the system "As seen". If he does not reject the system within his 24 hours, it becomes his equipment unconditionally. Once we have found you a buyer, if you then agree to sell the system , you must reserve it for up to 10 working days to allow for postage and cheque clearing time. If we obtain payment and you do not proceed with the sale, you must still pay our commission.You must bear your own carriage costs and keep copies of your carriage documents. You are advised to insure for loss or damage of goods in transit. "We" (or "Us") means Cost-a-call ltd (the operators of the Used Systems Exchange). "You" means the Vendor