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How to Avoid Problems

We believe that we are the only telecoms company to publish its entire listing of refurbished stock daily on the web. Items you see on this site with blue ref. numbers (eg. 23564) are in stock and mainly available now.

Warning: there are a few exceptions:

  • The few items with red ref. numbers (eg. 18566) are stored off premises. They might not be refurbished, nor immediately available; they might even have been sold.
  • Our stock is updated every day, so beware that somebody may have purchased your chosen item earlier that day - the early bird catches the worm!
  • Our stock is about 95% accurate, so you might have chosen an item from that 5% inaccurate category.
  • You will notice that some premier items, such as Index DT3 handsets will not be sold without some other equipment (e.g. a DSLC extension card) and in some cases, must be sold with a complete system.

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