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Why you can buy from Kentel in confidence ...

  • In this financial year we will have traded successfully for 25 Years.
  • Kentel is a founder member of highly prestigious Telecommunications Industry Association.
  • After "Liberalisation", when the monopoly in telephone systems was taken from British Telecom, Kentel was the first independent company to sell a telephone system in competition with British Telecom.
  • Our own engineers have installed a wide variety of telephone systems during which time we have gained very valuable experience and knowledge of the market.
  • Since 1991 we have been one of the UK's largest suppliers of refurbished telephone systems and have now built up an impressive holding of high quality telephone systems and handsets refurbished to a very high standard.
  • Financially secure, we have had a net cash surplus for at least 10 consecutive years.
  • We have sold at least one example of nearly every type of telephone system available on the UK market. This has given us a wide range of valuable experience.
  • If you are not entirely satisfied with any of our products sent by mail order, you may return them at any time within 14 days for a full refund.
  • A full parts and labour on-site maintenance contract is available for any telephone system which we sell and install through our BSI approved maintenance partners.
  • We are also involved in other internet ventures. www.Nikondata.com is a site which lists information on nearly every Nikon Camera Lens ever made. We are also working with www.classic-camera.net and www.collectors101.net. All these sites, just like this one, are involved the the process of providing a service for those wishing to buy or sell discontinued yet highly specific items.